In Africa it is difficult to find a more scenic and varied nature reserve, which is the home of such a unique wildlife. The Moremi Wildlife Reserve is 4,872 km² large and comprises approximately one-third of the Okavango Delta. It was founded 1968 by the Batawana tribe and it spreads from the north-east across the Mopane Tongue to Chief’s Island and further on to the southwest of the delta. Only the drier part of the reserve in the east can be negotiated by a 4x4 self-drive. For this reason it is still total wilderness! The reserve contains practically all the different landscapes of the delta: the lagoons with their clusters of papyrus and water-lilies, the islands studded with Makalani palms, the seasonal floodplains and the tree-savanna. The reserve can be subdivided from east to west into the drier peninsula between the Khwai and Mogolelo Rivers, the floodplains surrounding Chief’s Island and the permanent swamps.

Your exclusive safari-camp is located on Chief’s Island in the Mombo Tourist Zone of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. Because the wildlife is so spectacular, it comes as no surprise that many renowned documentaries were filmed in this region of the delta. On game drives the chances are very high to witness African Wild Dogs, leopards and lion prides while hunting, and the Big Five are complete, because the White Rhino was reintroduced in 1994. Not only are the game drives and bushwalks highlights but also excursions with the mokoro, the native dug-out, during the flood season!