If all normal safety measures are considered, then South Africa is a safe country for female tourists. Rape is unfortunately common in South Africa but foreign women are hardly ever victims. A female tourist should refrain from hitchhiking or from hiking alone in remote areas. This applies to urban as well as rural areas especially after sunset. The South African male - irrespective of his ethnic roots - still has male-chauvinist inclinations and many misinterpret an extraverted attitude as a sexual invitation.


It is only a ten-hour direct flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg - without jetlag from Europe. Most airlines offer night-flights so that the visitor can continue his trip without interruption upon arriving. Luggage of 20 kg per person is allowed.


The South African currency is the rand (R), which is divided into 100 Cents (C). The import and export of up to R 5000 per person is permitted. The import of foreign currency is not restricted, the export of foreign currency - minus the expenditures in South Africa - as well. It is necessary to keep the exchange receipt when exchanging rand to foreign currency.


The currency exchange rates (as well as the buying power) are very favourable for most foreign visitors coming from the EU and other developed countries. It is preferable to exchange money at the international airport on arrival (Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban). The exchange offices are open at all arrival times.