Taxis have to be ordered by telephone. They cannot be hailed directly and usually only stop at specified locations such as larger hotels. The guest should make sure that the taximeter has been activated.


please refer to TELEPHONES


Most of South Africa is equipped with an excellent telephone as well as mobile-phone system. Most European cell-phones or handys can be used in South Africa when using the roaming function. For more information please contact your telephone company because not all handys allow roaming automatically. Please consider that using the cell phone in South Africa may be quite expensive. The rates for your own handy are also more expensive than for a rental-cell phone—so in case you plan to phone often, it is worthwhile to rent a South African cell phone.
Or alternatively, if you book a rental car at Protea Tours you receive a rental handy free of charge, if you wish!
It is also possible to substitute your European prepaid Sim-Card for a South African one for the duration of your vacation. The Sim-Cards can be bought and recharged at numerous stores, shopping centres as well as phone-shops.
Mobile phones with a D1 or D2 system function in South Africa.


  • Area code from Europe to South Africa 0027
  • from South Africa to Germany 0949
  • from South Africa to Austria 0943
  • from South Africa to Switzerland 0941


Area codes for other African countries:

  • Botswana (09267)
  • Lesotho (09266)
  • Mozambique (09258)
  • Namibia (09264)
  • Zambia (09260)
  • Zimbabwe (09263)

If your stay involves extended bush walks or trekking tours especially through high grass you should routinely check your body as well as clothes for ticks, which may transmit tick-fever. Symptoms (such as swelling of lymph nodes, joint as well as back pain and fever) develop about one week after infection. The recommended way of removing a tick is to use a pair of pincers to press down the skin around the head of the tick before using your fingers to pull out the tick carefully.
During trekking tours in forest areas with high humidity and abundant water sources the risk of leeches attaching themselves to your legs especially in the shaft of trekking boots is high. Application of salt or nicotine (a burning cigarette) is effective and it is not advisable to attempt to pull the leeches off the skin because of the risk of infection. An effective prophylactic measure is to apply an insect repellent to socks and shoes beforehand.


The time in South Africa is identical with Central European summer time. During the European winter watches have to be set ahead by one hour (Frankfurt 1p.m. = Cape Town 2 p.m.). Because of the relative proximity to the equator dawn and dusk are of short duration - and it comes as a surprise that it turns totally dark already within 30 minutes after sunset. During summer darkness sets in by 7:30 p.m., during winter by 5:00 p.m.


For a stay of a duration of up to 90 days a visa is not required of EU-citizens. A valid passport or passport for minors is required, which is valid for an additional six months from the time of departure in South Africa. The passport must also have six blank pages which are needed for the required stamps of the immigration and customs department. The German passport for minors should have a photograph as well as a special stamp declaring German citizenship. The tourist is required to have a return flight ticket as well as sufficient financial means. Visitors who wish to stay longer than three months must make inquiries at their South African embassy beforehand. Visitors who arrive in South Africa from countries with yellow fever are required to have a valid international (WHO) vaccination certificate.


Additional security is guaranteed with traveller cheques, which can be bought at your local bank. US$ traveller cheques are not necessary because EURO traveller cheques are valid. Because the banking charges depends on the number of cheques presented, it is advisable to buy cheques with a higher designated amount. It is important to store the contract separate from the cheques, and to present a passport as documentation when cashing in the cheques.