I was born in Munich, Germany in 1965, but the "great wide world" always had a magnetic effect on me. The fifteen years I spent in South Africa were my formative experience - even though I also lived in the United States for seven years and travelled extensively in North America (including Canada and the Caribbean) as well as in Europe, India and South Eastern Asia, I could not forget "my Africa".


My initial qualification is a Bachelor of Business Administration / General Arts at the University of Indiana. I travelled southern Africa extensively again and started to consider the practical aspects of my "passion". For this reason I completed a 16-month curriculum with straight A´s which qualifies me as a travel agent in Germany as well as an internet travel agent for tourism.


My desire to share my knowledge and love of southern Africa is coupled with the conviction that I can provide for you a unique, personally tailored experience! Most of the accommodations have been viewed by me personally and have fulfilled my high standards. I have had a lifelong love affair with southern Africa and my sincere wish is that you will be just as fascinated by this unique enriching experience!


Given personal and professional reasons, I am convinced that Protea Tours is your specialist for personalised travel and will make your African dream come true!



With African greetings

Marion Kober

Thank you for your interest!