Martina Bäckström aus Helsinki, Finnland

Dear Marion

What an experience!


Beginning with Cape Town and John. We just loved him all. 

He used a microphone and spoke an excellent english for us to understand. It was sometimes rather difficult with the South Africans. The older 3 boys understood everything and sat paralyzed listening to him. He told us abt south africa in such a nice way, history, some dates and much abt every day life and own experiences, which made it so vivid. He started with the penguins for the children, nice. It was very nice having the same person taking care of us all the time. John made our stay in Cape Town and many thanks to you for finding him for us.

Two Oceans restaurant was amazing. The food was overall very delicious.

The Forest cottages were simply LOVELY (just in my daughers' and my taste) and the swimmingpool pool was fabulous. Most of the time the children had it for themselves.

We did also experience a forest fire which was rather exciting.

John took us to the airport in good time and the flight was on time. Nelspruit airport was very picturesque and the Avis cars big and new. The drivers (and the passagers) were all very satisfied.

Moholoholo was a nice experience. We had time for an 1-hour safari. Everybody was thrilled (but I thought "you just wait and see"). And so it was: The safari lodge was such a gorgeous place, the welcoming,  the lodges, the food, the whole atmosphere. And the safaris.  We had 4 x over 3 hour ones. And we saw "the big five". Amazing. The drive to Johannesburg went well, beautiful landscapes on the Panorama route. We only had time to stop at the three rondavels.

The whole trip was just so wonderful, exceeded all my expectations.

I enjoyed the company of my closest family. Nothing "bad" happened,  no injuries and the children were thrilled and nobody quarrelled during all those days (6 cousins travelling happily together + 6 happy adults).

And this all was much thanks to you, Marion, for arranging such a wonderful trip for us.  

I'll never forget these wonderful days "once in a lifetime".

Best regards